I translate, make, write and live in two languages and places: Manchester, England and the Massif Central, France. My works are hybrid; they cross disciplines and languages, mix text and image, make old texts new. The process of making poetry is the same as the one used to  image-make; assembling materials to an imagined, spontaneous code. The sculptural installations approach art-brut and are frequently described as 'visual-fictions', or the poetic of ordinary objects. Somehow I am always trying to make things talk, to make silk purses out of sow's ears



All the works appear interconnected. 

They version and re-version themselves, re-explore how different materials can be expressed; they change and shift according to context.

The texts foreground what the material of language can do, and leave what it is able to say in the background 


I am always searching for novel angles from which to observe and record things, approaching subjects as an archaeologist might; collecting, classifying, researching, imagining, finding, forgetting, making story





“The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life from our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 


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  MA (distinction)in creative writing;poetry

  The University of Manchester, UK

  First Class BAhons English with creative writing   Ruskin College, Oxford, UK

  TEXT & IMAGE projects

 1991 Exhibition of drawings                   Gallery 638 Brighton, UK

  1992 Group exhibition                        MAZE Gallery Brighton, UK

  1993 Sussex Artists Open                  Library Gallery Brighton, UK

  1996 '6 femmes aux 6 fontaines'            St Julien Molin Molette, FR

  1997 mixed Media                     Gallerie Art et Fact, Ardeche, FR

  2002 "L'objet qui parle'              Maison de la tour, Chavannay, FR

  2003 Group exhibition                Gallerie Alchemie, St Etienne, FR

  2003 Sculptural installation              Chatelet, Bourg Argental, FR

  2005 Sculptural installation                       CIRK, Quintenas, FR

  2007 Artificiosa Naturalia                 St Julien Molin Molette, FR

  2012 Textual collaboration with artist CASA                  Loire, FR

  2015 'Mums Books' installation             St Julien Molin Molette, FR

  2016 The Manchester Anthology, publication              Manchester, UK   2016 Myslexia magazine, publication                         London, UK

  2017 Magma Third prize in Editors Poetry Competition        London, UK

  2018 Magma Second prize in Editors Poetry Competition       London, UK