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current projects

artist's book

our three-way collaboration to make a dual-language limited edition handmade book is now complete...availiable to buy at Atelier Geraldine Dubois

******read more on the blog

Three new poems printed in the Manchester Review
The latest edition of the best review from my home city has taken three recent sonnet-type poems and paired them up with some fascinating and enigmatic on the link to read
Competition news 
one of my new short poems called 'poem for large and small designs' has been awarded second prize in Magma's editors' choice will be published in the magazine soon...I went to the awards evening at Keats house and heard all the winning poems read as well as hearing the fabulous and touching reading from the one and only Mona Arshi, the main judge this year...a list of the winners can be found here
My versions on Modern Poetry in Translation site
latest news....
old books new drawings

using rescued books to make found poems and drawings..from my sow's ear series....

another poem [couple in a box] was commended by Judge Andrew Macmillan in the York competition. The awards evening was a really different venue, taking place on a river cruise; a fantastic reading by Andrew ( loved his soft humour and acute biting observations) and there were some some very impressive poems read by the winners... 
just heard that a recent poem made it to the longlist in the Plough prize...
'that summer' placed third in the MAGMA editors prize competition
read the winning poem here.....
and older news!!
competition win......
'Ann's shed' poem wins the special prize in Myslexia's annual poetry competition. Chosen and commended by Liz Lochead, the poem is published in issue 71of the magazine and on this site under the TEXT tab
exhibition 09/2019
journees de matrimoine
collaboration-in-process. five women working across differing media create site specific installation work for a enigmatic old silk-weaving mill in St Julien Molin Molette. The project is an alternative to the journees de patrimoine which mostly celebrates the male-dominated heritage symbols ( buildings, inventors, patrons) and takes as its subject portraits of extra-ordinary living women
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